CLS Registration Services provides a simple and hassle free solution that can be fully customized for your event. Our Check in Services, Lead Retrieval, Attendance Tracking, and Event Mobile App are just the beginning of our expertise. Our proprietary Insight 360 system pushes the limits of technology in order to focus on our clients success.

Insight360 provides many benefits:

– Allow attendees to register online, by fax, by mail, or even at the event
– Allow attendees sign up for different “tracks” or themed sessions
– Personalize registration with custom fields like “Region” or “t-shirt size”
– Register groups at one time to streamline the registration process
– Avoid data entry mistakes by allowing attendees to directly enter their own information into the system
– Automatically check for duplicate registrations
– Automated electronic confirmations and communications
– Custom Reporting with custom data filters

Manage, maintain, and edit your attendee information in real time. View and edit attendee information with one simple click. Custom fields, flags, and actions make knowing who, what, when, and where with ease. Send notifications to a single attendee or a group. Track changes and modifications to contact information, registration details, program tracks, or other details.

Insight360 offers a powerful set of tools that allows you to Import and Export all of your data from our system. Its your data, make it work for your organization. Connect and sync your attendees or guest list from your Insight360 Portal. No need to key individual entries when you can do bulk import as well as massive updates in real time. Data can be exported in various formats to offer better integration to other software solutions.

View real-time attendance data from the Insight360 Reporting Dashboard. Create custom reports and notifications to be send to a single point of contact or an entire management group or team. Insight360 gets is name from its ability to show you your data in various formats and can report on any number of criteria.

Decrease badge waste and check-in time by printing badges in advance or  on-demand as each attendee arrives. We offer complete end-to-end solutions that allow you to staff your registration desk in the most efficient manner possible. Need resources, no problem! CLS can provide onsite administrative, logistics, and support staff to help with on-site or advance registration needs.

Insigh360 flexibility for online forms for data collection is just the beginning. Our solution allows you to create custom forms from your predefined data fields with in the system. Trigger notifications and reminders based on online submissions. Empower your attendees to provide you with their contact information and details which helps reduce data errors.